Musical Yoga Video Routines


Exciting news! The videos of the routines that accompany the Musical Yoga Adventures: World Journey music tracks are now available for you to learn and enjoy. They were developed for all yoga students, from age 7 to adult, and have been successfully kid-tested. In composing the music for these yoga routines, the goal was to create an atmosphere of being in a specific area of our world. Routines were carefully planned to create a logical flow, with words many times helping the yoga student to remember the poses. These videos can be used at home, with the family in mind, in school, in music and yoga classes, and in areas where physical conditioning issues are being addressed. These musical yoga routines will help students who are seeking a unique way to become calm, focused and confident. Join the journey and… “stretch your body, tune your mind, and lift your spirit!!!”

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We also offer animations of all our yoga routines.
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MYA: World Journey Video Collection

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Download Sun Salutation pose order

Preview Sun Salutation

Download Soar Like An Eagle pose order

Preview Soar Like An Eagle

Download In The Desert pose order

Preview In The Desert

Download Dragon Song pose order

Preview Dragon Song

Download Lean On Me: Partner Song pose order

Preview Partner Song

Download Monkey See, Monkey Do Song pose order

Preview Monkey See, Monkey Do

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