Musical Yoga Adventures was designed to help all children, along with a guiding teacher or family member, achieve positive results, which include:

  • exercising regularly with sequenced routines
  • learning new songs and being able to sing along with them
  • combining non-competitive yoga with music, which helps children process activities easily
  • developing a higher level of focus, positive behavior, and confidence
  • providing an opportunity for an enriched quality of life

Some of the benefits of yoga for kids are as follows:

  • encourages midline crossing (developing both sides of the body)
  • improves digestion and builds up the immune system
  • relaxes the body for better sleep
  • promotes thinking and memory
  • stimulates auditory processing and the ability to respond
  • calms and quiets the mind
  • balances high or low energy
  • helps team skills and interaction
  • develops self-control and
  • encourages a healthy lifestyle

To create a yoga session, follow these steps:

Quiet the mind and body by sitting alone on a mat, or in a circle of classmates/family.
Begin by taking deep breaths, chanting and/or connecting with those in your circle.

Begin a warm-up routine, such as “Sun Dance” (Sun Salutation).

Continue with routines and/or poses that are beneficial to your needs.
Remember to exercise both sides of the body, and to generally start high and “flow” down to lower poses, then work your way back up to create a circular routine. However, some routines may be done completely low, or high, for the entire time.

After practicing the desired poses/routines, end with relaxation. Quiet music can be playing, and the lights can be turned down low. This is also a good time for guided imagery.

To end the session, a bell can be rung, or another favorite instrument can be chosen, with everyone remaining on their mats. As an alternative, everyone can sit in a circle once more, to sing a song, or to bow and say ‘namaste”, with hands folded over the heart area. “Namaste” means that we respect each other and ourselves.

By practicing yoga, which unifies the body, soul, and mind, today’s children have a chance to take a break from their busy lifestyles and many pressures, helping create the stress-free atmosphere that parents and teachers are seeking for them. After working with young people for 6 years, I have definitely seen the benefits of using yoga and music with them! By incorporating the MYA program into your students’ day, you will also see a world of opportunity and positive experience open up for the children you teach, giving them something unique and exciting- most importantly, a place where they can find success.
-Linda Lara